About Me



I’m a media student with a passion for all things called media. Alongside my studies I do freelance work in the media field, ranging from photography to web development to graphical design. My working techniques are flexible and diverse, and I always make sure to listen to my clients’ requests and opinion in order to produce what just what they want.

My widespread knowledge in the media-field makes me the perfect choice for multi-form and I can provide an entire package of everything from branding, web development, photography and videography. I love to get challenged and I’m never afraid to try out new things and approaches.

What I Do

You’ve probably already looked through my portfolio and know what I do and how I work. If you’re interested in hiring me, I assume that you’re interested in a little deeper insight in my work.


I’m photographing almost anything. I especially enjoy photographing people and events, for example concerts and conventions. I like tricky and unique locations.

I do portrait photography for example for graduations, confirmations and weddings, either in natural locations, streets or in a studio-environment. I love special and unique, hence I will never turn down a request due to stylistic wishes or ideas.

Graphical Design

I design and produce a variety of graphical products, ranging from posters or cards to complete graphical profiles and branding. I can help freshen up your company’s graphical identity with careful choice of fonts and colors, logo design amongst other things to give your company a unique and outstanding brand image.

I design posters and ads for events, products and other similar appliances. My layout style is tasteful minimalistic with a modern, touch. Of course I always take the client’s wishes and feedback into consideration.

Web development

I design stylish, modern websites for any need, usually built on top of WordPress. In the past I’ve deigned web-shops, portfolios and various business-pages.

My websites are striving to be as clear and user-friendly as possible, focusing on a clear user interface and a stunning user experience. Every website is different and everybody has different needs, and I’m never afraid of finding the ultimate solution for each personalised problem/solution. My goal is to build fast and responsive websites, and I strive to avoid the implementation of user tracking or cookies wherever possible.